Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009


... straight from the heart!

this science fiction television show has all it takes to be just perfect: an encouraging and positive spirit all over, primarily supported by the main character dr. billy hayes who, against all odds, never gives up and always finds a way for his friends, the MISFITS OF SCIENCE. his best pal is dr. elvin lincoln, who is so annoyed by his height that he tests a shrinking serum on himself. then there's daredevil johnny bukowski who raised the bar of coolness with his styles, words and electrifying abilities. gorgeous gloria, played by courtney cox in the prime of her life, completes this dreamteam with her naive beauty and telekinetic powers - plus there's the pre-crack era max wright aka dick, the boss of all these guys over at humanidyne, the scientific center where all of them are united.

and most of all, the series definitely has the best intro song ever made for a tv series! get a fix on the intro, download the ultra rare title themes (sorry for the bad quality, there's nothing better available), and watch the series - every single episode will cheer you up!

Misfits of Science - Full TV Theme

Misfits of Sience - Original TV Intro Theme

Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009


here we go with the clark 'mouth' devereaux appreciation post, one of the top 5 coolest guys in movie history. if anyone fails in life and happens to become parent to a child, he or she should strife to educate and raise him to live his young years just like mouth does... perfect styles, members only jacket, purple rain shirt, levis 501, nike blazers, always equipped with a comb and a can of cold pepsi, mocking the babysitter and just be born cool.

in praise of mouth and the best adventure movie ever made, THE GOONIES, which everyone reading this should know by the book and watch at least 2 times a year, here's some rare piece of super fine music that's from THE GOONIES score. this video is pure feelgood vibe to go with the song. the song was used in a very strange deleted scene for the film, where the goonies are attacked by a hilarious octopus before entering one-eyed willie's ship.