Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010


the background story of this frowning tape might seem unbelievable but it's the pure intangible truth... read it over at UNCLE T... but be prepared, this one ain't for the tender minded. i share a weird and frightening mood due to contributing in the processing and distribution of this sinister creation of unkown origin, so please notice everyone: LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK.

TNUC's Cursed Halloween Tape by TNUC

the cruel and unruly tracklist:


Montag, 4. Oktober 2010


the new ultimate urge in life: boundless, unreserved, corybanting, affectionate partying like the guys in the beginning of this bitchin' video. maximum respect.

Donnerstag, 30. September 2010


today was a cold, rainy and dark day and while doing my running routine in the park, listening to bitchin' tunes from L.A.'s LONDON on my sony walkman, a feeling of sudden change came up. when i noticed a bat circling above my head for several minutes (true story), i saw it clearly...

here's a matching song by cute TUESDAY KNIGHT to embrace and welcome these upcoming spooky and shady days that lie ahead...

Samstag, 18. September 2010


today i'm proudly presenting a rare and unknown gem of the action genre from 1979. SEVEN - DEATH IS THEIR WAY OF LIFE!.
this is pure montage of one-liners, hawaiian landscapes and beaches, bikini & topless playboy foxes, moustached daredevils, corvettes, carreras and aviators, mindless action and all of it told at a very high pace... a blonde moustached midget hitman on a skateboard is just one cool outstanding detail in this movie, but i'm not gonna spoil anything more. just look at the cover for some seconds and let it take effect, then watch this trailer. pick up this vhs, seriously. the more you dig this movie, the cooler you are!

Freitag, 17. September 2010


GAMES can't be honored enough i guess. their style and talent of sampling and mashing up weird old material into more weird new material is avant-garde, nothing less.

this song and video are bliss in its purest form. enjoy, relax, and make this audiovisual dream of a fun and party life come true... make sure to order the new 12'' here - highly anticipated by the hyperthrust chapter and also including this hymn of happiness and delight.

Dienstag, 14. September 2010


so now that the claimant for record of the year by THE OUTRUNNERS has finally been released and exceeded all your wildest expectations by far, there's not a second to rest and mellow down for all the disciples to the VALERIE camp...

RUSS CHIMES just dropped the ultimate dance bomb with his MIDNIGHT CLUB EP (to be released digitally soon) - check out the videos especially designed for this shattering EP... these 3 songs are his finest work to date and this guy already defined a groundbreakingly new distinct sound as we all know. if this is the future of disco, nostalgia becomes obsolete.

and be sure to check out his live sets. i was lucky to witness this guy live a few weeks ago and there's nothing like it, just like his new songs, mindblowing, ecstatic non-stop power & action! the path of endless fame and success should finally be paved for this young lad by this release...

Montag, 13. September 2010