Dienstag, 14. September 2010


so now that the claimant for record of the year by THE OUTRUNNERS has finally been released and exceeded all your wildest expectations by far, there's not a second to rest and mellow down for all the disciples to the VALERIE camp...

RUSS CHIMES just dropped the ultimate dance bomb with his MIDNIGHT CLUB EP (to be released digitally soon) - check out the videos especially designed for this shattering EP... these 3 songs are his finest work to date and this guy already defined a groundbreakingly new distinct sound as we all know. if this is the future of disco, nostalgia becomes obsolete.

and be sure to check out his live sets. i was lucky to witness this guy live a few weeks ago and there's nothing like it, just like his new songs, mindblowing, ecstatic non-stop power & action! the path of endless fame and success should finally be paved for this young lad by this release...

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