Samstag, 20. Februar 2010


an essential object to come along on your night out at the bar or disco is a little charger of peanuts. throw in some nuts while waiting for your gin fizz or campari tonic and get back to the dancefloor real soon.

just compare how cool the american peanut commercial is in contrast to the german one you can find HERE (don't want to have the disgusting guy's face on this blog, thanks TNUC for the hint, he's probably pee wee herman's incest brother for real!).

there's a forgotten band from belgium called TELEX who released some pretty decent new wave and disco records. here's my favorite track, i came across this one via MAETHELVIN's electro romantic selection which is unfortunately not online anymore, but you can still get the intro track right here. this song is spreading lots of good vibe and just gets anyone moving in no time, surely an all-time favorite of the HYPERTHRUST.


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