Dienstag, 13. April 2010


only a few days ago, more precisely right HERE, i featured a pretty uncommon phenomenon, namely the art of changing creepy, awesome, deeply tempered synth anthems into bodyshaking, discobanging but still moody and dark dance tunes. last night, haunted by terror visions caused by watching another episode of DARKPLACE, i stumbled upon this masterpiece of swedish italo disciples JACKPOT.
they somehow managed to make a supreme piece of TANGERINE DREAM soundtrack for 1983 luscious nazi-horror movie THE KEEP by MICHAEL MANN ready for disco rotation. too many superlatives at a single blow? watch this EPIC movie scene closely, feel the shivering synths and images, before the swedish italian beats shake you back from this dream.

this hypnotizing tune can't be found on the OST for THE KEEP, however french companions VALERIE posted the track long ago right HERE on their old blog, unfortunately it's now offline. JACKPOT released their vision of the tune on this record HERE which is not available anymore either, but highly recommended by the hyperthrust realm though, just as all their other releases which are to be found HERE.


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