Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010


WALKING LIKE IN A DOLCE VITA - a very common dream for every sunnboy and girl of all age! this one song is more than a hymn of the summer, it's a hymn for EVERY summer, even in winter.

just look at the video closely, it's surely your best dream come true, everything's just so right as it can get... summer, beautiful synths, heavenly girls that have the best style and moves, moustaches and sunglasses getting it right this time, everything accompanied by a singer who shows you exactly how it's done if you want to walk like in a dolce vita, bringing the easygoing vibes of the adria straightly to the riverbanks of the seine in the city of love... perfect styles, moves and voice, RYAN PARIS aka FABIO ROSCIOLI delivers and spreads the message of the dolce vita more authentically than every singer that will try to follow his path of delight in the future. always play this tune in your head and you'll never have to worry again, this song and feeling should last forever.

the semi-rare disco version that hyperthrust is delivering here is not only about 4 minutes longer, it's also got a hard as nails synth breakdown with crazy bassline right in the middle, perfect for wild freestyle disco dance, a short escape from the paradise that is the DOLCE VITA.


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