Samstag, 27. März 2010


another night out. you're on the ball and completely set to party your heart out. but you're not living in ibiza or rimini and it's not the early 80's - you're forced to go to the usual urban party: students, indie music or even worse, minimal techno. no passion, no heart, no fun, nothing seems right. fuck 'em all. you're STILL about to do it big time. press stop for all skinny indie hipsters, fat student girls, people with glasses and minimal techno drugheads acting like they enjoy the drowsy endlessly weak minimal beats or the annoying whiny skirls of another mayfly replacable indie hype. FUCK THEM ALL! blank it all out and press play in your head to just celebrate as if you were on THIS party from now on:

the ultimate place, the ultimate party. karl dall and his friends show you all how it's done. 6 vodka tonic, topless guys and girls, italo sunshine through your heart and you'll party all the above mentioned away!

which other timeless classic summer party tune would fit this post better than this one?



  1. AMEN !!!

    finally someone has the nads' to come out and say it. without judging primarily based on image, i'm tired of looking out at a SEA of indie dinks standing around and trying to pull off an image that says "i dont try very hard, i just look like this", when in fact, thats the complete opposite. appearance to them is EVERY THING, but they try and make it seem like it just comes natural.

    the problem with these tards is that they don't know how to party!!! they stand around stiff all night, usually to bland and generic dance music, and always remain 'politically correct' so they never let loose. leave that shit at home......where are the muscle beach cut-off belly sweatshirts? where are the leather gloves w/ fingertips cut off? where is the timeless italo-disco?

  2. you got it so right bro, but nevermind them boreheads, party like it's 1999 and boycot all minimal and indie, consequently!