Mittwoch, 17. März 2010


the skills of this italian stranger of the night is incroyable: CLAUDIO PEDRINI has the amazing ability to crush you down with one stare, clap his hands, raise his fist, bang his head and meanwhile hit the keys of his korg, synthesizing the most obscure and luscious tunes - AT ONCE! how many moustached humans can do this without wearing sunglasses?

you get it - maybe clay was not a human. after delivering this sensational video and thrilling song, he disappeared into eternity and never came back. maybe he's just a kind of android lifeform in disguise, a creature of the night, never meant to stay amongst us. don't turn of your lights at night - he might visit you in a new dream, now that you've seen and heard him...

rare image of clay's assumed origin


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